About Indonesia Fair

General Information

Indonesia with its great potentials, are a home of 260 million people from over than 1128 ethnic groups that live on more than 13.466 islands across the archipelago. It is a country where more than 500 languages are spoken, but it upholds its unity language, Bahasa Indonesia. Even though, each ethnic has its own uniqueness of timeless traditional heritage, such as arts, culture and culinary tradition, Indonesia is indeed a country, united in diversity.

Currently, Indonesia is a new rising star of economic power globally. Indonesia, a new emerging economy power is the fourth largest country and also member of G-20, major economies group in the world. With an expanding manufacturing base, abundant natural resources, a growing domestic market and a relatively stable political climate, Indonesia is indeed an attractive country to invest.

Therefore, with this massive cultural diversity treasure and bright economic potential, Indonesia Fair 2014 is held to aim a new perspective of Indonesia to Australian public. It is: Indonesia, as a Cultural Diversity country, as well as an attractive and advantageous market for investments. Alongside with a good relationship between two countries, Indonesia Fair 2014 wants to strengthen two country’s cooperation, by bringing an integrated event of Art, Cultural and Business exhibition. It will host an Art & Cultural Performances, Tourism Promotion, Business Exhibition, as well as Business Talk and One-on-One Business Meeting.